Begin a wonderful journey with author B.K. Amodio

Share a moment in time in a novel written by B.K. Amodio. Read and immerse yourself in a universe dedicated to activating and stimulating your imagination.

Plunge into the adventure. Start with the DiujPa Series. This Series will take you on a marvelously terrifying journey between our world and the next. In this fantasy series a small unknown tribe of Native Americans in New Mexico has been given ominous signs from the spirit realm that the Great Cycle is ending. They are led by a young leader, Cayce. He is the Diuj Pa-the chosen one. This twenty year old college student and his friends venture into an unknown world which is littered with mystery and intrigue as they are tasked to warn the world that the Dragon is coming to put an end to earth as we know it. You will be blown away by the characters and the way the author meshes the mysteries of the real world together with theology. You will come away considering that mayby, just maybe, things happened this way. The conclusion may define where we came from and who we are. It will answer the mysteries you have always wondered about. You will be on the edge of your seat with every page of this incredible series.