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Readers’ Favorite Editorial Reviews July 2013

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Comment: Mary M. – October, 2012

Looming Dragon is a book that will help you to see things in a new light. It has great information about Native Americans, history of good and evil, and sparks ideas of what might happen at the end of time. It moves you to think more about your faith and things that you don’t think about every day. I was so into the story that I could not put the book down until I finished the whole story. It was better than Twilight and I loved the fact that it helped to make my faith stronger. I believe that everyone of any age needs to read it!!

Comment: Betty A. – September, 2012

I finished the book and boy was it a cliff hanger.I know that a lot of research went into this book. Thought the author did a great job integrating his research into the story line. Good luck and please continue the story.

Comment: Rachael B. – September, 2012

“I finished reading it. I loved the book and I thought the detail was awesome. The names you chose were good with all the back ground. It was a cliffhanger at the end. All of it was great and I recommend “Looming Dragon”. I am ready for the next one.”

Comment: Judy G. – September, 2012

“Dear Bryan, I just finished reading your book “Looming Dragon.” I will admit it’s much different than the life-changing fiction of author, Karen Kingsbury! Yet, I found it “life-changing” in it’s own design.

Although fantasy fiction, I found “Looming Dragon” a combination of reading the Bible & the Left Behind Series of books; also, watching the movies “Passion of the Christ” and “The Chronicles of Narnia.” It was very intriguing & although it presented me with some difficult moments, I was anxious to return to it to see what would happen next.

I can sense the tremendous amount of research that went into this writing. My husband and I spent a week in New Mexico working with Native American youth camps. I observed & learned much about their customs and traditions & could relate to some of what you said.

All-in-all, I found “Looming Dragon” a very good book & would certainly “welcome” a second writing to continue following “Cayce’s” journey!

P.S- I like the way it ends with the “hint” of salvation pending.”

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