Looming Dragon

LOOMING DRAGON is a religious thriller and a fantasy novel all rolled up into one. The reader follows Cayce as he finds out that he has been chosen to safeguard the secrets of mankind’s origins.

The Great Spirit has selected him to carry these burdens while in the midst of the Apocalypse. The Dragon has come before and it utterly destroyed the ancient world. Cayce and his people have already been warned that it will return, again. He struggles to understand, but when Lilith, an ancient wraith bent on killing him to steal the Tiponi; the stone containing the real story of the origins of mankind, comes, then he’s forced to concede to the ominous prophecies.

Lilith is a Legion, the oldest of demons. She’s now enslaved by Adsu Gulden, who has somehow survived eight millennia unscathed. He hates Cayce’s people, the Annanuki, the direct descendants of the Biblical Seth, the brother of Abel; Adsu just happens to be a Cain-blooded killer. He’s an immortal bent on destroying them before the Dragon does. Cayce is oblivious to this evil as he desperately fights to convince others of pending doom. Will they succeed?

There’s always hope, though. The one true GOD has provided helpers for his chosen people. The unexpected arrival of strange shape-shifters changes things drastically, as they give an amazing revelation. A shape-shifting Christian pastor and his pack have hunted Legions before. They sniffed Lilith out, and they’re about to blow the roof off of Adsu’s plan to escape the Earth before the Dragon arrives. Adsu’s twenty six story arch, the A.E.S Gulden, may never make it out before Armageddon.

Written by a die-hard fantasy and sci-fi novel reader, LOOMING DRAGON is a 91,000 word novel with strong series potential, aimed at young readers but suitable for all ages.

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