Meet the Characters (Series)

Cayce Anu (Ani) Taylor – The novel is based around Anu. His mother passed away when he was 6 years old. His dad was an alcoholic as he grew up. He has no other family other than his father and his friends. Cayce was 16 years old when he is first introduced in the book at the beginning of the novel. That is when he was appointed the role as DiujPa. Most of the story occurs later when Anu is 20 years old. Cayce is a quiet young man. He is about 5,10 in height and weighs around 170 lbs. He has dark black hair that runs down his back. He has dark Native Indian skin and no facial hair. He has an average muscular build. If you were to compare him to any other characters from other novels. He would be like young Jacob from the “Twilight” series before he was tagged in the pack.

Old Mar (deceased) – Mar is a story all to himself. I can write a book about him alone. Old man Mar is a mysterious character and his life is tattered with mystery. He was the DiujPa for close to 80 years before he passed away the night before Cacyce became DiujPa. His closest friend is White Feather. He loved to fish and wander about in the desert. The tribes shared amazing folk stories of this old DiujPa. He was a wise man. He was a Shaman and healer. He was the reason the tribe was not well known. He made sure they were kept secret from the outside world for close to a hundred years. You will see that Mar is a powerful spirit warrior. He did many things that prepared his people for what is about to happen. They just do not know it yet, even Cayce. Mar is only about 5’4 in height. He was a small man. He had long white hair that ran down his shoulders. Most of the time his hair was tied up. He was a little overweight up until the time he passed away. He was thin and frail at 90 years old. He would be very similar to Red Cloud of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) who lived from 1822-1909.

Enkani (Enki) White – Enki is Cayce’s father. He is 40 years old in book one. Enki struggled with depression and alcoholism from the time Cayce was 6 years old. His drinking problem started just after his wife, Ninurta White, passed away. For 11 years Enki struggled to raise his son by himself while he fought his inner demons. He could not hold down a job and lost a lot of his friends during that difficult time. Things changed for Enki when he found Cayce lying on the ground the morning after Cayce’s appointment. When he walked up on Cayce, Enki thought his son was dead. The truth was that Cayce was given a divine appointment. Enki’s transformation started at that moment. After 4 years of being clean, Enki became the liason for Cayce. He got his old job back and he was an upstanding member of the tribal community. Enki is a perfect example of a struggling man that overcomes terrible addictions to become a changed man and a wonderful father. Enki is taller than his son. He is 6 foot tall. He is heavy set and weighs about 200 lbs. He has short cropped dark hair. He is a proud man and you can see it in his face. He is stern and he has a short temper. You will see this in the book. But, he is dedicated to the tribe and the well being of his son. Enki looks alot like the popular Native American actor Gregory (Norman) Cruz who had played in “Hill Street Blues”.

Nanurta Taylor White (deceased) – Nanurta White is Cayce’s mother and Enki’s wife. Nanurta and Enkani married young. Enki was 22 years old. Nanurta was 21. Their parents are deceased. Their parents passed away before Nanurta and Enki were married. Nanurta passed away when she was 28 from an unknown mysterious illness. You will see that she shows up in the first book when Cayce is running from the Dragon in the spiritual realm. She will make some unexpected appearances as Cayce journeys between worlds. There are many secrets to Nanurta. Her lineage was of the priestly line of the tribe. Her mother was the daughter of Old Mar’s sister. Of course Mar was the DiujPa for the better part of a century. She was a beautiful woman. Though Native Americans are known to have dark black hair and dark skin, Nanurta was born with blonde hair and pale skin. She was completely Native American but her features are caucasian. This is an interesting coincidence when you find out about Cayce’s genetic test Stan gave him. Nanurta was very attractive when she was alive. She looks like American Actress and Model Alexis Bledel, who played in roles in the series “Gilmore Girls” and “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants/II”.

Hitu Naha Swift (deceased) – Hitu was briefly mentioned in the first chapter when Cayce (16 year old) was being introduced. He was Cayce’s best friend growing up. Hitu was raised by a strict father, Shamish. His mother is Enlil Swift and his sister is Tiamu (Tia). Hitu was raised to be a leader. He was an impressive young man. He was very athletic in nature. So much so, that he was recruited by Arizona State University to play football as a wide reciever. Young women loved him and he loved young women. He was an average student. He was a sophmore in college with a promising career in football.Until he was killed in a car accident. Hitu’s family was devastated and his death was a central storyline of the first book. Hitu shows multiple times in the first book. Hitu is a spirit warrior and is well honored at his funeral. He will play an amazing role in the second book. When he was alive, Hitu was was over 6 foot tall. He weighed about 220 pounds. He had medium length black hair to his shoulders. He looks like NFL pro football player T.J. Houshmandzadeh who plays for the Raiders.

Tiamu (Tia) Swift – You will come to find that Tia is one of the most diverse and interesting characters in the series. Not only is she georgeous, but she is also very down the earth. She is like her father, Shamish. She is stern, committed and direct. She will tell you like it is. She was like a sister to Cayce as he grew up. But, he went off to college and when he came back she was all grown up. She was 19 years old when her brother passed away. She still lived at home because her father did not let her go to college. She is very involved in the tribal customs and tribal affairs. She works with her mother on making tourism gifts, arts and crafts. You will see that she is naturally beautiful with a powerfully earthly presence. She is the girl next door. But she is also a knockout (As Cayce would put it). Her eyes are brown and she looks like actress Julia Jones who played in the Twilight movie “Eclipse” as the only female member of the werewolf pack.

Shamish Swift – Shamish is a dedicated father and husband. He is one of the 12 tribal council members. Shamish is the head of the council. He is married to Enlil Swift and has two children, Hitu and Tiamu. Shamish is a very proud and dominate man. His family is low income. He works as a handy man and is very good at doing carpentry, plumbing, electrical work. He owns his own small business working various jobs around Alamogordo and Truth and Consequences, NM. He does all the landscaping and the maintenance jobs for the reservation. He is 100% Native American and he will tell everyone. Shamish plays a vital role in the first book after Hitu dies. Cayce spent a lot of time around the Swift house when he was growing up, but after Cayce became Diuj Pa that changed. Eventhough Hitu and Cayce were still best Hriends, Shamish kept his distance. When Shamish’s son dies, you will see that Shamish’s life is turned upside down. He is in a downward spiral. His plans and all of his efforts are questioned. He struggles with his beliefs. He seeks out other people for answers. You will see that in the second book, he reaches out too far and that may jeopardize Cayce and the tribe. Shamish is 44 years old when Hitu passes away. He is 6 foot tall (Like Hitu) and he weighs around 200 pounds. He has grey and black hair. He wears his hair long like his ancestors. He usually has it up in a pony tail. He looks like the actor Billy Maresty who worked on,”Exotica”,”Pocahontas”,”The Legend”,”TNT’s miniseries Into the West”,”The New World”and”HBO’s Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”.

Adam Mann – Adam Mann is Native American. He was born and raised Annanuki. He retired when he was 38 from the military. After he retired from the US Air Force he moved back to Elephant Butte, NM. Adam opened Mann’s hardware store before Cayce was born. 4 years later,he fell in love with a local 32 year old caucasian girl from town. Her name was Eve. The Mann’s will play a more active role in Book #2. Adam and Even attend Reservation Baptist Church which is right at the main entrance of the reservation. Adam has a medium build for a 54 year old. He is in good shape, but he has a slight limp with his left leg and a tattoo of an octopus on his forearm. He got them from when he was in the military. He is grey haired. His hair is thinning but he is not bald. He has tattoos on his arms. He has long white hair and wears an old cowboy hat all the time. He is a heavy set guy. Probably because Sierra feeds him well. He looks like Oklahoma State House Representative Scott N. Bighorse.

Eve Mann – Eve is a business woman. She was an accountant earlier in her life before she meet Adam Mann at age 32. They met at a local bar, Alta Ego, and feel in love. They got married and she started helping with Mann’s hardware store. They have never had children. She is very religious. She is involved in the community. She does a lot of charity. She helps Pastor Quallin as the secretary at Reservation Baptist Church. She and Adam go motorbiking on the weekend. Eve has tatoos as well. She is a baker. She makes cakes and other pastries for sale on the reservation for weddings and/or parties. She works out of the home while Adam works the farm. She is the only person that bosses Adam around. He does what she wants him to do. And, she will reward him with a cupcake or two in the evenings. Eve is caucasion and she is left over from the hippy generation. She is not a hippy herself, but her parents were. Her parents had transplated themselves in Truth or Consequences in the 1970′s. After her parents left she stayed and then she married Adam. Unfortunately they were not able to have children due to a defect in her ovaries. She helps a lot with daycares and charities. She sometimes works with Pastor Quallin. She keeps a pristine large home on the farm. She loves horses and doing horse shows. The horses are her babies. She is heavy set and she had grey hair. She looks like Kathy Bates from “Titantic”.

Pastor Quallin – His full name is Pastor Billy Quallin. He is the lead pastor of Reservation Baptist Church in Elephant Butte, NM. This Christian minister is very interesting. He is a young clean cut guy that has loved evangilizing since he was very young. He is not orginally from New Mexico. He is from the deep South. He is from a small town in South Carolina called Prosperity. He graduated seminary and he felt called to reach out to Native Indians in NM. He just showed up one day after the previous pastor, Pastor Luther Longnose passed away. People accepted him since there was no one else immediately available. He has been in the town 5 years since he was 23. He is in his late twenties and he has not married yet. He always tells the ladies, “I am married to the church until Jesus comes back.” Then he jokes and says,”I pray that he hurries up.” Hopefully the reader sees that this is no ordinary minister. He is a man that walks the walk and talks the talk. But, the folks on the reservation do not always take him seriously. He is very important in the second book. Lets just say that some people have a knack for being at the right place and the right time, he is that person. That’s because he is Thwati. He has a very old secret. Pastor Quallin is a handsome man. He is slim but he needs help dressing. I kind of compare him to George McFly from “Back to the future I”. But, his personality is very different. He is not a wimpy kind of guy. He is compassionate and understanding. He is not forceful or overbearing. He is always calm and thoughtful. He always knows what to say and the right time. You will see Billy get fired up and you will not forget it.

Lilith – Her story will be defined in the “Kalaby”. She is confined to the spirit realm. She relishes in the destruction of Cayce’s people. She laughs at him as she tells him about the Dragon. She really enjoys getting in the way of Cayce. She is limited though in what she can do. But, the reader will find out that she is not the real villian. Of course she is a enormous bird of prey. She is a Great Grey Owl. She stand like a large man and her wing span in about 10 feet. I picture her voice to be something between a Gulum of “Lord of the Rings” and the Wicked Witch of the East from “Land of Oz”. She is fierce, but she can never complete what she wants to do. She is very frustrated.

Professor Robert Jones – Jones is a single African American man. He is the lead Archeologist at New Mexico State University and he is a mentor to Cayce. He is a brilliant professor and he works with an assortment of colleagues around the world on numerous archeology and anthropology projects. He received his masters in Archeology at Cornell University. He was offered many jobs after he graduated, but he decided to work in the field (in Mideast) a few years. He then found a position at the University of Arizona for a long 20 year career. He wrote many papers and thesis on the origins of mankind and the theory of predeluvian civilizations. He left ASU in an attempt to retire. He co-authored a book with Dr. Zacharia Preachin called, “The Pantheon of Gods & the Lost Origins of the Jews”. He got bored with retirement so he decided to move the New Mexico State University with a less stressful job. This enabled him to focus on other areas of interest in Anthropology. In Book #1 Dr.Jones had been at the NMSU for 10 years. He is 52 years old. He was never married, but he has one daughter who is 35. Dr. Jones is tall and thin and he looks like Danzel Washington. He plays a privital role in Book 2.

Professor Singora Muhammed Yuni – Professor Yuni is a specialist in nearly everything he does. He was raised in Cairo Egypt to a wealthy family. His father was a very influencial medical doctor. His high society upbringing allowed him access to all the better schools and their education. He graduated early from prepartory school. He graduated first at the American University in Cairo when he was 20 years old. He was courted by Cornell University and started his academic career in the US when he was 23. He met Robert Jones while at Cornell and they have been friends since. He is only a few years younger than Professor Jones. He has many interest. His first was Archeology. He went to college with Jones to learn archeology. But, then he unexplicitely switched to astronomy after meeting with a small group of new agers called the Nephilim project. Shortly after, he told Jones, “I know it sounds crazy, but I believe a change is coming. There is a stranger I want to find. So I will start by looking to the heavens. Maybe I will find him there.” After he changed majors his father disowned him. His father did not like the explanation Yuni told him. His dad thought his son was leaving the muslim faith. This was not the case, but Yuni did not change his mind after his father’s threat. He completed his Astronomy degree at MIT when he was 26. 15 years later he and a fellow astonomer, Dr. Yueng Chai (from China) found a previously unknown comet lurking in the Ort cloud outside the solar system. He was 40 years old. The comet was susequently named the Yuni-Chai comet. It was a massive blue comet and it was on a 3600 year orbit around the Sun. He apparently found the stranger he was looking for because only a year later he switched his studies to Archeology and Anthronology again by completing his degree at Cornell University. He then moved to Turkey in pursuit of long lost sites and ancient hints of old predeluvian cultures. Through his journey he and Robert Jones maintained a very good friendship and often Robert Jones calls on Yuni for advice. Yuni is 52 years old. He never married, but his partner Sunila has been by his side for 25 years. He never had children He was raised Muslim. He is short and skinny. He is completely bald. He looks like Captain Juan-Luc Picard from TV’s “Star Trek” (1987-1994).

Sunila Palaria – Sunila was born in Turin Italy. Sunila has been Dr. Yuni’s partner for 25 years. They are more than just professional partners. They have been lovers the entire time they have known each other. They married when Yuni was 27. Sunila was 24. She met Yuni at an astronomy conference in Geneva Switzerland. She was a group member of the Nephilim Project. They have not married due to him being a Muslim and her being a Catholic. The Catholic church nor his Muslim family will allow marriage. They both agreed to having no children due to these conflicts. She went to the University of Turin and graduated with a masters in Marketing. She got involved with the Nephilim project while at college. She traveled to the Geneva conference with the group to recruit young enthusiatic scientist who were not afraid of radical new age thinking. Sunila is a very passionate person with strong physical features. Her personality is direct. She radiates italian and she loves her culture. You would think that Yuni and Sunila would clash, but they compliment each other. They argue all the time, but somehow they work together and successfully achieve their goals. Sunila has dark hair. She has a great figure for being 49. She has a birth mark on her neck that looks like a cross. She smokes constantly and she is like Sigourny Weaver in the movie “Avatar” (2009).

Ralph Lauren – Ralph is a young man from Albequeque, NM. He is a Archeology student at NMSU. He is currently in his sophomore year. He and Cayce study Archeology together in the freshman year. He is just an average kid from a middle income family. His mother and father raised him in the Jewish faith. Ralph is short and wears a long Peyis (Pay·is) in his hair. He has a short beard. He looks like a younger Seth Green from “Austin Powers” (1997).

Whitney Lovelace – Whitney is a quiet young Archeology student. She has curly blond hair and she is your average honor student. She is very smart and she has that innocent look to her. She was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She looks like Luna in “Harry Potter” movies.

Stan Meriweather – Stan is a main character in the book. He is Cayce’s closest friend from College. He also has shared a dorm room with Cayce for two years. You will see that Stan is very witty and funny. He is the class clown and he enjoys taking chances. Stan is a Medical student and he is studying the fine art of Genetics at New Mexico State University. What he lacks in ancient culture, he makes up in a Medical contribution. Stan’s father passed away when he was young. His mother raised him in Twin Falls, Idaho. The whole reason he wanted to come the New Mexico was to get away from all those mountains. He chose New Mexico State because it was flat. Stan is heavy set and he is a little out of shape. He looks like Jack Black.

Brenda Caster – Brenda is a beat journalist and reporter for Channel 7 TV Eyewitness News in Seattle.

Jack Stanton – Jack is the anchorman for Albuquerque’s Channel 25 News TV Channel. He does the 7 o’clock news every morning.

Chief White Feather (deceased) – White Feather is a Native American in Northeast Arizona. The previous DiujPa, Mar, was very good friends with him. They used to be fishing buddies. White Feather made a lasting impression on Cayce at the beginning of the book. Cayce sees that White Feather was the oldest of all the chiefs in the region. White Feather performed rituals and traveled to Washington DC on a number of occasions for UN summits. He was very influencial in the Arizona State Government at one time. He passed away only a year after Cayce met him. White feather was a frail old man. He looked like an older David Caredene from “Kung Fu” (1972-1975).

Sarah Nix – Sarah shows up a little later in the second book. She was born in Seattle and she lives there in Book#1. Her family moved East, but she decided to stay behind. She is active in organizing her charity for children. Her charity is the “No kids left Behind (NKLB)” charity of Seattle. It takes homeless children and helps find good Christian foster homes. Then they support the children with their education until they graduate. She is not married. She is active in her church. She is always busy and has not found anytime to date. She has not had a man in her life for two years. She is 25 years old. She looks like Gemma Arterton from “Quantum of Solace” (2008).

Dr. Homer Plato – Dr. Plato is from Naples Italy. He tranfered to the US when he was 35 with his American wife. He They later divorced, but he was a practicing doctor in a hospital. He decided to stay in Seattle after the divoce. He is in his mid forties. He is a handsome man. He lookes like Matt Damon.

Nurse Nikki – Nikki is Dr. Plato nurse practicioner. She works in the facility with Dr. Plato. She is a middle aged african american and she is brash. But, she is very good at what she does. she is oringally from Sacremento California.

The Tribal Council

1. Diuj Pa – Cayce
2. Chief Martin Wolfpaw
3. Chief Van Crazy Bear Smith
4. Cheif Enla Eagle Eyes
5. Chief Full Moon Monroe
6. Chief Singing Sparrow
7. Chief Jacob “Jup” Lewis
8. Chief Cameron Shining Star White
9. Chief Urak “Crane” Weston
10.Chief Norman “Lonestar” Pollack
11.Chief Keith “Pow” Carlton
12.Lead Chief – Shamish Swift

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