Dragons and the Bible

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The term Dragon is mentioned numerous times in the Bible

“Dragons existed in ancient lore. However, the way I define the Dragon is different. In the Bible, when the Dragon is mentioned, it is usually in conjunction with desolation, destruction, and savage chaos. The Devil is usually associated with him. I read the scriptures and derive the Dragon as a single source of fear. From the very beginning, the Dragon has cast a terrible impression upon the consciouses of mankind. That is because everytime he comes the world is utterly destroyed. Civilization never forgot this. No wonder the Dragon is still symbolized around the globe. I also find it curious that the Dragon is sometimes paired with the owl. Let this be a warning.”

- B.K.Amodio

Dragons are mentioned in the Holy Bible in the following verses:

Old Testament –

Deuteronomy 32:33
Nehemiah 2:13
Job 30:29
Psalms 44:19
Psalms 74:13
Psalms 91:13
Psalms 148:7
Isiah 13:22
Isiah 27:1
Isiah 34:13
Isiah 35:7
Isiah 43:20
Isiah 51:20
Jeremiah 9:11
Jeremiah 10:22
Jeremiah 14:6
Jeremiah 49:33
Jeremiah 51:34,37
Ezekiel 29:3
Micah 1:8
Malachi 1:3

New Testament –

Revelation 12:3,4,7,9,13,16,17
Revelation 13:2,4,11
Revelation 16:13
Revelation 20:2

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