Define DiujPa?

When I was imagining the story I wanted an original name for the series. It had to be something no one had used before and that was unique. I spent hours trying to determine an appropriate name.

There really is a significant definition for the name ‘DiujPa’. The name ‘DiujPa’ is a combination of two words. The first is ‘Diuj’, and, the second is ‘Pa’.

Since the series was originally intended to be about the world being inundated again by a massive flood (caused by the Dragon), like in the days of NOAH, I wanted the name to be similar to the word ‘Deluge’. ‘Diuj’ and ‘Deluge’ are meant to be pronounced similarly.

Now, for ‘Pa’. As the reader will see, when they read Looming Dragon, Cayce’s tribe is originally rooted to the genetic bloodline of NOAH and Seth from ancient times. So, I wanted to place emphasis on this by using ‘Pa’, which means ‘Father’.

With this said, and, for all intensive purposes, ‘DiujPa’ means ‘Father of the Flood’, or alternatively, ‘Flood Father’.

Thank you.

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